Moongate believes that the most important person in any conversation is your customer—be they a devoted fan or top-of-funnel lead. That’s why our strategies speak to the interests of the targeted audience—the audience whose attention piques consideration that converts to a buying decision and loyalty.

Working with our clients, we quickly develop and demonstrate a deep understanding of their brand in relation to the interests of the deciders in their market. Then we create a plan that uses the best media engagement for reaching those people, in a manner that converts while building brand strength.

Our strategic process involves…

Audience Identification

We investigate the decision-makers and the tribes closest to your brand and distill what matters to them: that story, photoshoot or video that will hold their attention long enough to build loyalty.

Market Analysis

Once we identify your audience, we identify the competition for their attention, affinity and loyalty. We then use the most effective practices to ensure your brand differentiates and resonates in the minds and hearts of the target audiences.

Content Strategy

We then establish your core value proposition—your authentic, peerless point-of-view and value—and establish the optimal context, frequency and channels of delivery, whether a quarterly magazine, podcast, or events series. Or, ideally, all three!

Content Creation

With a national network of award-winning storytellers, we surface the best matches to tell your story authoritatively and in the most engaging way, in turn creat-ing content that’s relevant, convenient and timely.

Content Analytics

Our audience-first approach, forged over decades in media and audience development, means that engagement is iterative: measured, optimized and improved upon according to its consumption.