6 leading questions about profitable communication.

The success of every commercial endeavor depends on the good opinion of others. Widely held opinions can make or break a business, depending on how favorably your offering is looked upon. But communicating attributes and benefits can be a challenge.

Think about a time where you were either successful or unsuccessful in communicating with someone else, and ask yourself the following questions:

1. Did you know what you were trying to achieve?
Making your intentions clear gives the other guy a context for listening to you.

2. Was your audience interested in what you were saying?
It’s your job to make sure the listener sees a meaningful connection between himself and what you are saying.

3. Was what you said appealing?
Whatever your intended outcome, there has to be something in it for the other guy.

4. Did they feel the connection?
Simple consideration of another person’s happiness is the best recipe for connection.

5. Did you?
The results of a good exchange are immediately apparent.

6. Were you able to deliver on your promise?
Follow-through means knowing that relationships are always more valuable than transactions.