How To Be The Life Of The Party

The best advice regarding marketing on Facebook is to not be seen to be doing it. Or rather, to be very careful to not be overly self-serving. Why? Because at any party the guy who talks about nothing but himself is a crashing bore.

Let’s not forget that social media creates a social environment. That means you have to pay heed to the reasons people are there in the first place. To have fun. To feel good. To connect with friends. And to share experiences, opinions and ideas. Kind of like a party.

So while it may be easy to create a Facebook page, and to put a “follow us on Facebook” imperative on your packaging and advertising, there’s some work you should do first.

The best strategy for Facebook marketing is to treat it primarily as a brand-building platform. You can run contests and make offers from within that context, but the focus has to be on delivering the value of your brand to the people you’re targeting in a manner that’s appropriate to the milieu. You have to act like a friend at a party.

It’s better to post comments and information about the things that surround your brand, than to sell the brand itself. Talk instead about shared interests and you’ll be more likely to capture the interest of the people you’re targeting. Create a halo, then place yourself within its glow.

If your friends like what’s on your wall, they’ll post it on theirs. That’s how you make more friends. But managing the quality of the content means dedicating resources to finding it or creating it. And that’s where content marketing specialists earn their keep.

The take-away is simple – we’re here to make sure you have a great time at the party.