A word about our pictures.

People have been asking about the significance of the images that populate our materials. The quick answer is that they are mainly decorative, but there is a method to the madness with which we take them and add them to the Moongate visual lexicon.

The pictures we choose all balance graphic appeal and real world truth.

Graphic appeal is a prerequisite because of its intended use. So we try to anticipate the elements that make up the Moongate look and feel. You won’t see, for instance, any image where the focal point is in the middle to upper right side. That’s because we know it will be covered with a box.

The more important criteria is that the image come from an unposed, non set-up, real life situation. We’re inspired by the world around us because that’s where “the stuff of content” is. Life happens all around. People make and do things, and if you choose to look the traces of their interests and intentions are everywhere.

We choose to look. And we like to share what we see. The connection between the statements we make and the images we show is more philosophical than literal. It’s also (officially) a challenge to the people who might take interest in us. Because our first strength is the way we think. And we’re happy to lead with that.

Check back for more.