Rumours of its death are greatly exaggerated.

Custom magazines by definition target audiences on the basis of their interests – which is a fundamental strength as a communications tool. Why? Because understanding the interests of other people is the quickest way to meaningful, lasting relationships.

If you think about the list of magazines you know by name, you quickly realize that you also know a lot about the subjects they address, their point of view, the people they appeal to and other factors of familiarity. That kind of brand strength can also be built into a custom masthead.

Companies that publish and distribute their own magazines enjoy the benefits of an ongoing connection with an identified group of people. And the opportunity for those who publish is to be the definitive voice on a subject that that group cares about. While sales are driven by “buy-our-product-because” marketing messages, brand-based communication drives actual customer dedication in a stream of content. Because whether they’re delivered monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or yearly, that’s what magazines do.

Proven, by Various Sources:

  • Demand for printed content rises with digital content consumption.
  • Year after year, paper use has increased exponentially with the advent of digital and web based technologies.
  • A recent Custom Content Council study showed that 84 percent of Chief Marketing Officers share agreement that custom content “represents the future of marketing.”
  • 59 percent of them have moved marketing money away from traditional advertising methods and put it into custom content.
  • 66% of marketers believe branded content is superior to direct mail
  • 63 percent believe it is superior to public relations.
  • 68% of consumers say that companies that provide information about their products in custom magazines help them make better purchase decisions.
  • 63% of consumers say they have bought something they saw mentioned or advertised in a custom publication.