Swimming in the Stream of Consciousness

“Content” is the DNA of effective communications. It is the ongoing message that you deliver to the groups of people whose good opinion of your name will drive business in the information age.

The traditional model for reaching customers has had the rug pulled out from under it with the advent of new communications channels – the relationship between companies and their clients now includes expectations of interactivity and meaningful connection.

Customers can be identified individually, on a broad scale. And they will identify themselves to businesses through their interests. But that becomes a self-interested test. The relationship favours their ability to choose to listen, or block you out. If what you do lines up with what they like, they’ll be open to you. The prime requirement is to be relevant. And that creates a need for companies to be interesting to their customers – on an ongoing basis.

So while advertising shouts a message, content delivery provides meaningful information. While advertising interrupts experiences, well packaged content provides an experience in itself.

What content is and how it is delivered depends on how a company wants to be understood by its client base. Interests and habits of the people to whom those companies wish to appeal. That could mean a well-written electronic newsletter, a quarterly magazine, an email blast, a smartphone app or any of a variety of devices with one common aim. To maintain contact with and provide value for those on the receiving end.

In any context, people appreciate those who demonstrate an active understanding of their interests. It’s a hallmark of human interaction, and it’s the cornerstone of an effective communications strategy.